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How we started

Blinkie's Donuts is one of the landmark of Woodland Hills....

Created in the late 1960's, we still stand tall and strong at the same location. We are very fortunate to be in this fabulous neighborhood, where all our customers becomes family.

My name is Teresa, I'm the "4th proud owner" of Blinkie's Donuts.

I was blessed by the opportunity to buy Blinkie's in April of 2003, and I woudn't have it any other way.  It's been a journey, from immigrating to new country, to learning a new language, to learning a new business, but the reward in all this is:

OUR CUSTOMER'S SMILES, yes plain and simple.


People ask: what is TEAM BLINKIES? Our response is: you and us makes Team Blinkies, we are just not your neighborhood business, we are a team, we are family....... We feel honored when our customers bring up to 4 generations worth family, being able to be part of their lives makes waking up early very well worth it.


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